PaperShooters Lets You Get Your Tactical Spitwad Fight On…

    Okay, this DEFINITELY brings back some memories from grade school and being a little brat.  The difference being that this kicks it up a notch.  It may not be a firearm, but I can see this bringing a smile to many a face.

    PaperShooters is running a crowdsourced campaign for a kit that allows you to build a replica that fires tissue paper ammo.  They have already reached their goal, so the campaign will fund.

    Mold to make ammo yourself from ordinary paper

    Tissue Paper ammo: Never be trapped by ammo prices again…

    From the PaperShooters HQ:

    1. They’re fun
    2. Something you can shoot around the house with endangering furniture, pets or each other
    3. They requires a level of attention to build
    4. The outer skins are completely customisable, so kids (and adults) can create their own versions of popular guns.
    5. No constantly buying more ammo!
    5. Did I mention they’re fun?

    This product also reminds me of building models as a kid, but rather than a plastic doohickey that just sits on a shelf, you can have fun with this–though I’m not sure my wife would be excited about me stalking our pets with it… 🙂 In any case, I think my grandkids may have a cool gift this holiday season.

    Give their Kickstarter a look:

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