Weekend Photo: Light Weigh, Slick-looking: The Austrian Madritsch MWT 40×46 mm

    Our friend Gabor from KaliberInfo.hu sent us a photo of this slick looking lightweight 40mm grenade launcher. He writes …

    Austrian Madritsch MWT 40×46 mm grenade launcher in standalone configuration. It is issued in Bundesheer (Austrian Army). Very lightweight launcher, it is only 0.95 kg without the stock and the optical sight. Therefore if it is used as underbarrel GL, it is not much addition to the rifle.

    We fired it with 40×46 mm Low-Velocity training (non-explosive) ammo and CS Tear gas grenades, the recoil was absolutely acceptable, less than a 12-ga double shotgun’s.

    ThanksĀ Gabor.