Mech Armor Drop-in Match Grade Trigger

    Now that I have experienced a “match grade” trigger with my RISE Armament, I am eyeing other manufacturers to see what they offer (like a kid in a candy store).  Along comes Mech Armor with a pretty cheap ($135) drop-in trigger, they are titling “Rough Justice”.

    Leave it to MechArmor who designed and brought you the first commercially available, fully ambidextrous, military grade charging handle for all AR style weapons in 2009, to also be the first offering you a Match grade level trigger group for your AR15 and AR10 rifles as well, but at the lowest price in the industry!


    • Single Stage Drop In Trigger
    • 3.0 Lb Pull Weight
    • Complete Drop-in Assembly
    • 100% Made in USA
    • EDM technology for precision Manufacturing
    • All Tool Steel trigger, hammer and the disconnect
    • Heat-treated for exceptional lifetime service
    • Trigger housing machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
    • Trigger housing is black anodized for life time durability & hand polished


    I am definitely interested in doing some comparisons against some of these different drop-ins.  The Mech Armor entry doesn’t list needing a trigger pin kit, but does warn of potential incompatibility with some AR-10s.  I don’t have any experience with their other products–do any of you readers have an opinion?  Rhetorical–of course you do… 🙂

    (note: their site has some inconsistencies on prices throughout the text, but the one at the “add to cart” shows $135)

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