The Unstoppable M240 Machine Gun (FN MAG)

    Alex C. and Patrick R. take a look at the rugged M240B, known by many names around the world such as the C6 by Canada, the FN MAG/MAG58 by countless militaries, and the L7 by the British. This unstoppable machine is truly a rugged, incredibly reliable, and remarkably fun to shoot.

    **Permission was obtained from Carnik Con to use the QVC war footage**

    And here is a bonus video we made showing you the the guts, field stripping and what makes the gun tick:

    Many thanks to our translation team for translating the video subtitles. As usual, here is the english transcription …

    So the other day I was watching TV, and on a QVC type network I saw where you could place an order for a 240 Bravo.

    So I called the number and it was a pretty affordable price, so, here we are with the 240-Bravo, we’re going to see what it can do.

    (rapid machine gun fire) Okay, so we’re gonna accuracy test the 240-Bravo.

    Try and squeeze a single off here.

    (gunshot fired) I’m totally kidding, I would never do that with a belt-fed machine gun.

    (rapid machine gun fire) Accuracy by volume is also acceptable.

    All right guys, we’re in kind of a gunner, assistant gunner setup, This is how you change the barrel on the M-240 Bravo.

    There’s a little latch on the side you press, rotate the handle, and then pull the barrel right out.

    Put it back in, insert your barrel, make sure it clicks seven times.

    (clicking into place) Then the gunner prepares, lift the top cover, sweep the feed tray.

    Good to go.

    (rapid machine gun fire) Now that’s good machine gunning.

    – That is awesome.

    – All right guys, anyways, what we got at the ranch today, is a 240 Bravo.

    Basically it’s an FN Mag that was improved a little bit by the U.S. Military.

    Some of them have a heat shield, and a rail, some of them don’t, this one doesn’t.

    I’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve been deployed, that the heat shield, you know, breaks and has some trouble, so a lot of ’em get discarded anyway.

    But what’s cool about the FN Mag, the 240, I think the Canadians call it the C-6 or C-7 or something like that, the British call it the jimpie.

    That’s kind of an affectionate name nickname to GPMG.

    But, it’s like a Browning Automatic Rifle, it’s basically a BAR’s action flipped upside down and modified for belt feed, which is kind of cool.

    So it is kind of a Browning design when you think about it and since it was a Belgian product and he worked in Belgium, it just kind of enhances that mystique.

    But, what you basically do to operate the 240 since it fires from an open bolt, is, uh, of course you got a top cover since it is belt feed.

    Pull your bolt to the rear, that’s when you put your belt in there, and you have ammo containers, you can feed from a large belt or one of these, these are affectionately called nut-sacks.

    I actually don’t know the right word for ’em, I think everyone calls ’em nut-sacks, however crude that may be.

    But, you’re gonna lift up your top cover, or sorry, feed tray.

    There’s a small stud over on the left side of the receiver, flip the rounds in, and you’re ready to go.

    – So, I got a bit of experience with the M-249 and I wasn’t too pleased with it.

    I know a lot of soldiers out there had a lot of issue with it.

    This, I think, is gonna run a little bit better.

    (rapid machine gun fire) It’s like a sewing machine.

    More bullets, more better.

    – I can’t argue with that.

    (rapid machine gun fire) So we have about 50 or 60 rounds left for the 240, and we’re gonna finish ’em off.

    (rapid machine gun fire) I must say guys, this is a fantastic firearm to shoot.

    I really enjoy it.

    Awesome gun.

    You know, it’s great that it’s in service with our militaries and our allies as well.

    If you’d like to learn more about the 240 Bravo from a technical standpoint and seeing us field strip it and discuss it, click this link right here, and, uh, we’ll show you all that good stuff.

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    Alex C.

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