POTD: Keserű HDMGC (Less Lethal Gun)

    Gabor, of KaliberInfo.hu, sent us a photo of an interesting less-lethal rubber bullet firing gun from Hungary. He writes …

    Keserű HDMGC (serial no: 001, prototype): special non-lethal weapon (non-firearm) according to Hungarian gun laws.

    It is basically a big revolver, 10- or 7-shot (on the picture) cylinder is rotated by the front grip (pump-action).

    The trigger is DAO.

    It fires 18 mm (cca. 12 ga) rubber bullets, with the energy of separately loaded 9 mm R Knall (.380 R Blanc) blank ammunition.

    Muzzle energy is cca. 100-120 joule, like the LEO 12-ga rubber baton rounds.

    Someone needs to take this design and make it lethal 🙂


    Steve Johnson

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