Magpul GL9 Revised 5/15 Versions

    As promised, Magpul is making good on their customer service regarding the mistakes made with the launch of the Magpul GL9 magazine. For those who haven’t heard about this issue, go to our article here.

    If you bought your magazines direct from Magpul or a large name distributor, then you will get your replacement mag bodies in the mail direct to you. If you bought your GL9 mags in a store, then replacement bodies will be sent to the store where you bought them.

    I purchased three GL9 mags from VFgunrunners. Mine were the first run versions. I got an email from VFgunrunners notifying me that Magpul would be shipping my replacement bodies direct to me. They just arrived via FedEx.


    Here is the letter that came with my replacement bodies.GL9 5


    New on the left and old on the right. There is not much difference at first glance. The only noticeable difference  could see is the thickness of the feed lips. If you look at the new on on the left, the highlight on the feed lips tapers from left to right. Compared to the old body on the right, the feed lip thickness is uniform the entire length.




    GL9 3


    New mag body is on top and old is on the bottom. You can see the new mag is stamped 11, 2, 15 across the mag body. I got one new mag body with the number “2” stamped on it, but the other two new ones are stamped “1”. Below you can see the older mag body is stamped with a 9, 1, 14.

    GL9 4


    A close up of the old mag body date stamp 2/14.GLP9 1


    Close up of the new 5/15 date stamp

    GL9 2

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