Colt 1908: Reproductions Coming

    Colt 1908

    Image source: Rock Island Auction Company

    One of the more interesting gun announcements this year has been the return of the Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless. This handgun is being made for Colt by U.S. Armament Corp.

    Ryan Michad, host of the Handgun Radio podcast, interviewed Jake of the U.S. Armament Corp about the 1903. When Ryan asked Jake about the possibility of additional reproductions in the works (around the 19 minute mark), he got this response:

    We are going to do the ’08.

    Before you pull your wallets out, Jake did say that the new 1908 pistols are about 18-24 months from production. The company is planning a limited run of the 1908 capped off at about 5,000 units.

    Richard Johnson

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