Weekend Photo: A .300 BLK and 5.56mm

    Geoff sent us a photo of his recently builtĀ 5.56mm AR-15 and his just completed .300 BLK upper. He wrote …

    On the top is my PSA 16″ 1:7 Stainless barrel and upper, 12″ free float handguard from opticalfactory from eBay, Nikon P-223 4-12X40mm. BDC600, Millet Tactical mount, registered homebuilt 5.56 suppressor.

    Bottom is my just built Ares Armor 300BLK 16″ 1:8 4150 steel nitride barrel, noname upper with a DPMS BCG and BCM Gunfighter charging handle, ERGO 4810-HC 7″ Z-Float handguard, Ares Armor finished 80% 7075-T6 forged lower with a Bushmaster LPK, MagPul MOE stock and buffer parts, Crosman Centerpoint 4-16X40mm. variable parallax and Millet Tactical mount. I use the same BCG/handle for both uppers until I can get another.

    I built the 5.56 a few months ago and the 300BLK yesterday (4/25/15).

    After zeroing the scope I shot a 1.3″ 5 shot group at 50 yards from the bench with front support. No, it isn’t great, but I wasn’t really trying either. Just testing function. 100 yard zero soon.

    Thanks Geoff.