ElZetta Breaks Down Candella

    I am very much a fan of companies that take the time to teach customers about their products and further, educate them on the standards by which they are measured and evaluated. Its a rare trait these days and speaks volumes to a companies confidence in their own products.

    From the Video description:

    Candela output is an important consideration for selecting the best tactical flashlight. Although Lumens are often mistakenly believed to a measure of “brightness”, the Candela is actually the unit of measure of brightness (luminous intensity). As demonstrated in this video, a light that is too bright can work against the operator in tactical situations. The tactical flashlight that provides the largest area of uniform illumination possible at the maximum mission distance is the best flashlight for the task. Flashlights with high Lumens and low Candela often meet the criteria. Combine this information with that found in our other video blogs to educate yourself on the important aspects of tactical lighting and learn what the other guys won’t tell you.

    Nathan S

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