Battle Rifle Company BR4 Paratrooper Rifle


    Battle Rifle Company (BRC) announced the company is manufacturing a new rifle called the BR4 Paratrooper. The new rifle combines a carbine length rifle with a PDW-style stock. SBR versions will also be made.

    As with other PDW-type stocks on the market, the bolt carrier group and buffer assembly have been significantly modified.

    Features of the BR4 Paratrooper include:

    • 14.5″ barrel, cryogenically treated
    • BRC 12.5″ HEXRaul KeyMod hand guard
    • BRC flash suppressor
    • Ergo pistol grip
    • enlarged trigger guard
    • optional mid-length gas port
    • optional 10.5″ and 11.5″ barrels with Odin Works hand guard
    • MSRP $1,695

    From BRC:

    Battle Rifle Company Introduces the BR4 Paratrooper Rifle

    April 3, 2015 (TX) – Battle Rifle company, builder of quality and affordable AR platform rifles is proud to introduce the new Battle Rifle BR4 Paratrooper Rifle.

    The BR4 Paratrooper is a compact, lightweight, combat-grade rifle with a collapsible stock for CQB use. It’s highly maneuverable platform allows for several different applications and comes standard in 5.56 caliber. This rifle handles well in some of the most restrictive situations.

    The rifle is produced standard with a 14.5” Cryogenically treated barrel, 12.5” Battle Rifle HEXRail KeyMod with one 5 slot detachable rail/span, Battle Rifle Flash Suppressor, Single Point Sling Attachment, Ergo Pistol Grip, Extended Trigger Guard and a Collapsible Wire Stock with Unique Buffer/Bolt Carrier System. The rifle also offers an optional Mid-Length Gas Port, and is also available as an SBR in 10.5” or 11.5” barrels. SBR version comes with an Odin Works 9.5” rail.

    “The BR4 Paratrooper is like non-other,” says Chris Kurzadkowski, owner of Battle Rifle Company. “We wanted to do something that no one else was doing in the industry. The Paratrooper offers a completely different style to the AR market, while offering features that are unsurpassed.”

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