Singapore Police Non-Lethal AR

    Singapore Police are getting new gadgets to deal with violent protestors and rioters. One of them is a non-lethal AR style rifle called the P4.1. Not exactly an iconic name. It sounds like a glorified paintball gun. According to a Channel News Asia article, the P4.1 can fire indelible paint rounds to mark certain rioters. The P4.1 can also shoot a projectile filled with Oleoresin Capsicum, with a similar effect as tear gas.

    Channel News Asia goes on to say:

    The weapon – painted orange to distinguish it from other equipment – will not compromise public safety or cause unnecessary injuries or casualties.

    I am sure that this is a something the police or the manufacturer of the paintball gun is using as marketing to support the use of this weapon. However less than lethal projectiles do not always provide the response the police are looking for. Or worse, they are abused and the suspect sues for abuse and damages. Also the bright orange reminds me of Nerf blasters.

    I do find it odd that the Aimpoint micro mount is on a riser, With that setup, the iron sights might be obscured my all that metal. Why don’t they just co-witness the optic with the iron sights?

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