Aimpoint T-1 vs T-2 – Finally Someone Shows The Difference

Nathan S
by Nathan S

I do not typically use Aimpoints and when I have, they have been on single rifles. Its always bugged me the differences between the T-1 and T-2, considering the T-1 is less expensive but has the same 2 MOA dot (and an option for the 4 MOA). As such, I would originally have opted for the T-1.

Jonathan Owen, of SHWAT (Special Hog Weapons and Tactics) wrote for Cheaper Than Dirt’s Chronicle took the time to put the two side-by-side and noted the subtle differences. In short, its worth it to splurge the extra $60 extra for the T-2.

Check out the details here and in the video below:

Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • Nate_naah Nate_naah on Apr 27, 2015

    The best thing about the T2 is there are plenty of people ditching T1s at relatively low prices to get 'em. I snagged a lightly used T1 in a LaRue QD mount for $550 a couple weeks ago. Based on what I've seen of the T2, it's most surely the better optic, but to me it's not $200+ better, not for my uses anyway...

  • John Swinkels John Swinkels on Apr 28, 2015

    Iam not sure if iam just playing with myself again,and i will stand corrected if iam wrong. But i thought the major difference between the T1 and T2 is the T2 is suitable for nightvision and not the T1.if i am correct i find it strange the reviewer would leave out such an important issue by the way i have a T1 on a 629 competitor just love it. they are worth the money for quality nothing comes near it and with a 5 year batto life.

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    • John Swinkels John Swinkels on Apr 30, 2015

      @T-1 Owner Beautiful thats sorted,its amazing how one persons review can mislead people.i tend to believe what a read to an extent,These guys sounded professional. I guess its like when the 357 sig first came out they claimed it did not headspace off the shoulder. Well did'nt that cause some drama as i reload for 357 sig.
      cheers guys