Fingerprint Safety Invented By Teenager

    Kai Kloepfer is developing a smart gun. Basically it is like something out of Hollywood. Remember when Sylvester Stallone played Judge Dredd or in the last Bond film, Skyfall, Bond had a special PPK? The guns in those movies had a fingerprint safety mechanism so that only a certain person could use the firearm. Warning, the video you are about to watch is heavily loaded with emotionally driven content about mass killings. Very little content on his actual prototype.


    Here is the finger print scanner. Clearly it does not work for left handed shooters.

    smart gun 2 smart gun


    Of course the problems can be solved with education; training and informing people. However there is a certain point people will still be stupid. Just like driving a car, complacency causes accidents. Now we see car technology trying to keep us safe. Early warning detection for blind spots. Some cars can tell if you are nodding off.

    Would an electronic safety actually be useful? Has all the car technology helped stop accidents from happening? Sure some of the really bad people have limited driver’s licenses and their cars are equipped with a breath analyzer so those may have prevented a possible death. But not all cars are equipped with it. I think if this kid can make this viable, then so be it. It won’t replace the guns that are out there. Just like guns with different methods of safeties do not replace guns without safeties. But if someone wanted an extra layer of safety on their gun who am I to tell them they can’t have that?

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