Glock 43 Holsters From DeSantis

    The Glock 43 has been a long time coming, and its arrival has been accompanied by the expected accessories. Among those accessories are much-needed holsters, after all, you cannot carry your long-awaited single-stack without a holster. One company introducing holsters for the new Glock is DeSantis.

    DeSantis has been around for forty years. The company got its start at the founder’s kitchen table, and the results have been a definite success. They’re known for producing durable, quality holsters well-suited to whatever purpose gun owners have, and they also make it clear they support our troops. Sixteen of their popular holsters are now being made for the Glock 43.

    From DeSantis:

    #019 Mini-Scabbard

    This unique holster has been reduced to the barest of essentials, yet offers a secure grip on the handgun thanks to exact molding and adjustable tension device. The Mini-Scabbard® will accommodate belts up to 1 1/2″ wide.

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    #033 Dual Carry II

    This holster features our Tuck-able 360° ‘C’ clip for unlimited positioning adjustment in the IWB mode. Made of soft non-molded leather with thumb break and integral belt loop for OWB carry. Optional J clip is available at extra cost.

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    #085 Thumb Break Mini Slide

    Premium saddle leather, double seams and a highly detailed molded fit, make this exposed muzzle, tight fitting, two-slot holster a great choice for your favorite pistol. It features an adjustable-tension device. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide.

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    #086 Mini Slide

    This holster features double stitched seams and precision molding. It is designed to meet the needs of plain-clothes professions preferring a tight riding holster without a thumb break. It is fitted with a tension screw device and 1 ¾” slots.

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    #014 Die Hard Ankle Rig

    This holster is built from top grain saddle leather and finished on the outside with a super tough PU coating. This combination of materials was originally designed for Federal Law Enforcement with longevity and performance as primary concerns. The smooth leather lining protects the gun’s finish and offers a quick, silky draw. It also features a tough top grain leather lined holster with a conventional thumb break that has been attached to a neoprene leg band. The leg band is both padded with foam and lined with sheepskin. A calf strap (C14) and boot extender (C15) are optional.

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    #062 Apache Ankle Rig

    This holster has a wide, elasticized leg band that largely eliminates the unwanted rocking motion commonly associated with ankle holsters. It is constructed with elastic and has a sheepskin lining with a snap thumb break. Optional #C14 Calf strap is available.

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    #105 Intruder

    This holster is designed for both concealment and comfort. It is tuck-able and adjustable for both height and cant. The holster back consists of top grain premium steer-hide and the leather front component is finished with a supremely durable polyurethane film for lasting beauty. Each Intruder® is molded from genuine Kydex® sheet to exact specifications.

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    #M65 Invader

    This is an extremely comfortable synthetic IWB, tuck-able holster. The body pad is built from edge bound neoprene, ballistic nylon and other synthetic materials, while the formed holster component is precision thermo-molded from sturdy Kydex® sheet. The durable C-Clips are made of glass-reinforced nylon for lasting durability. This model is easily user adjustable with included hex wrench. J-Clips are also available separately.

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    #127 Inside Heat

    The Inside Heat™ is a bare bones minimum IWB holster built from black saddle leather. The precise molded contours provide the weapon retention. The top is reinforced to ease re-holstering and the powder coated spring clip holds it securely to your belt.

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    #106 Sof-Tuck

    This is an IWB/Tuck-able holster with adjustable cant. It can be worn strong side, cross draw or on the small of the back. It is built from soft, no-slip suede and reinforced at the top with premium saddle leather to aid in re-holstering.

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    #028 Cozy Partner

    This holster features a tension device and precise molding for handgun retention. A memory band retains the holster’s shape for easy one handed re-holstering. 1 1/2″ split belt loop is standard. Must be worn with a belt. Belt loops are NOT adjustable nor available in smaller sizes.

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    #N87 Pro-Stealth

    This holster is made of premium padded ballistic nylon. The 1 3/4″ sturdy, powder coated black spring clip keeps this beauty securely anchored to your belt. A spare magazine pouch is standard for the auto loader models, and they are ambidextrous. The clip may be removed and inserted on opposite side for left hand carry. Optional thumb break is available separately, style N99.

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    #M24 Tuck-This II

    This holster is built from heavily padded 1050D black Ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth. The widely adjustable belt tab can swing from cross draw to FBI-strong side carry. The tab allows the shirt to be tucked down in between the gun and trousers affording nearly total concealment. Accommodates belts up to 1 3/4″ wide.

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    #031 Insider

    For concealment with comfort, this holster contains design features to minimize bulk. It is made with a heavy-duty spring steel clip positioned high for deep cover. The leather is soft and un-molded.

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    #N38 The Nemesis

    This pocket holster will absolutely not move out of position in your front pocket. Never before has there been a material this viscous. The inside is made of a slick pack cloth for a low friction draw, and the core is just the right amount of foam to break up the outline of the gun.

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    #M44 Super Fly

    This holster has a new exclusive sticky rubberized fabric is even more viscous than the Nemesis®. We have also added a removable, reversible outer flap to even further disguise the firearm. This pocket holster will absolutely not move out of position in your pocket. The inside is made of slick pack cloth for a low friction draw and is reinforced with added polymer in the right places. Back or front pocket design.

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