My View Of The New Remington RM380

    Yesterday, on the way home from a USPSA match my friend and I stopped at a local gun store, Anthony Arms. We went there just to look around because we haven’t been there in a long time. By sheer luck, Reps from Remington were there to show off their new RM380 and new defensive ammo. Anthony Arms even has an indoor pistol range underneath their store so I was able to test drive the RM380.

    Size wise, the RM380 feels to be similar to the Ruger LCP or S&W Bodyguard. I was leery to test fire the RM380, as my experience with the LCP or  Bodyguard have been less than pleasant. Even my Walther PPK/S is not fun to shoot. I was given 5 rounds of Remington’s new defensive hollow points and for the life of me I can’t seem to recall what they are called at the moment.

    Anyway, I walked into the range, set up my target and moved it out about 7 yards. Loaded the RM380, aimed it, and pressed the trigger. To my surprise, there was very little recoil. Hardly anything to really take notice of. The magazine did have the pinky extension. The trigger is double action only but not terrible at all. It was smooth throughout the travel. I noticed that I could prestage the trigger, kind of like a revolver, so that I was at the very cusp of releasing the hammer to make my shots a little more accurate. So I resumed firing the last 4 rounds in the magazine as fast as I could.  Here is a picture of my target.

    RM380 3


    Here is a picture of the RM380 next to a R1.

    RM380 2


    Here are the details:

    • Fully functional slide stop. Holds open on last round.
    • Chambered in .380 acp
    • All metal construction (7075 aluminum frame)
    • 410 Stainless Steel Barrel
    • DAO trigger
    • Ambi mag release
    • Checkered front strap and trigger guard undercut.
    • Replaceable grip panels
    • Two 6+1 magazines: one flush and one extended
    • fixed sights contoured to be drag free
    • dual recoil spring
    • Barrel Length: 2.9″ (longest barrel in its class)
    • OAL: 5.27″
    • Weight: 12.2 oz
    • MSRP: $417


    Remington will also be coming out with a RM380 [AIP]. (Alabama Inaugural Production). It will be two toned with a stainless slide. MSRP will be $465.00

    AIP 1


    The RM380 AIP will also come with a challenge coin.

    AIP 2



    I was pleasantly surprised by this little pistol. It was very nice to shoot. My only complaint is the sights and the slide stop. I would have preferred a fiber optic or night sights. The slide stop is flush with the frame which makes it very difficult to move. I found it easier to just grab the slide and rack it than using the slide stop/release.

    Phil Note: Of course we posted one of the first reviews of the RM380 not long ago. Check Katie’s review—-RM380.

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