Lightening Review: Safe Tac Mag “Blank Only” Training Magazine

    Safe Tac Mag used with X-Products Can Cannon. Photo used with permission from SkilletsUSMC at

    Safe Tac Mag has developed a “Blank Only” training magazine for the AR-15/M16 Family of 5.56x45mm weapons utilizing the common M200 blank cartridge. These STANAG, MIL-Spec 6061-T6 aluminum body magazines uses a modified Magpul anti-tilt follower and a riveted aluminum spacer to prevent live ammunition from being loaded into the magazine. Safely and readily distinguishing between live and blank ammunition is a major concern during training exercises. The Safe Tac Mag takes the guess work out of what type of ammo is loaded in a mag. With both a visual (painted blue per US Military regulations to denote a “practice” ammunition item) and tactile indicators (rivets on front of magazine body) to ensure the shooter is only using blank ammunition. The Safe Tac Mag is manufactured by Department of Defense supplier D&H Tactical a well known magazine manufacturer of quality STANAG mags and other stamped metal products. The aluminum spacer is secured with 2 rivets and the rest of the magazine body is tac welded to Mil-Spec.


    I put just over 300 rounds of M200 blanks firing semi-auto only from various field firing positions, including resting the magazine directly on the ground while firing from the prone.These magazines fed flawlessly with through my BCM AR-15. Fit and finish is good. I believe the Safe Tac Mag would make a good training tool for force on force scenarios where blank ammunition is being used such as the laser tag Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) used by the US and allied militaries.

    Users of AR-15 based non-firearms launchers like the X-Products Can Cannon are utilizing these magazines as an added safety feature to prevent mix ups between magazines with live rounds and magazines with only blanks. A mix up with live ammo could prove very dangerous for the user as these style of launchers use capped, ported barrels which would explode if struck with a live round.

    Note: Safe Tac Mags are not compatible with the longer M200A1 Blank ammunition. M200 Blanks only.

    Safe Tac Mags retail for $14.99.

    TG Moore

    T.G. Moore is an Iraq Infantry combat veteran who served in the Marine Corps and Army National Guard. After serving as a municipal police officer he now manages logistics in the defense contracting industry. He enjoys all firearms, from flintlock long rifles to machineguns. T.G. lives in Kentucky with his wife, son and dog.