VG6 Precision CAGE Device Muzzle Blast Diverter

    It looks like 2015 is the year of blast diverter when it comes to AR15 accessories. VG6 Precision recently debuted their CAGE Device, or Concussion Altering Gas Expansion Device. It’s made out of stainless steel with a Blacknitride matte black finish and weights in at 1.4 oz. It’s compatible with their Dual Chambered Muzzle Devices, GAMMA556, GAMMA300BLK and EPSILON556. The VG6 Cage Device is different than other diverters on the market that make use of a shroud or a cone. Instead they use an attachment that disrupts the muzzle blast. It also looks like their attachment has ports on top to allow their muzzle devices to still reduce muzzle rise effectively, kind of like the Lantac BMD. No word yet on pricing but they should be available for purchase very soon. Check it out in action in the video below, check out for more info.




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