Bergara to Build Rifles for Atlanta SWAT

    Bergara SWAT rifle

    Bergara USA announced that it will build rifles for the Atlanta PD SWAT team. The rifles are based on the company’s Heavy Tactical model and will feature the following:

    • .308 Win caliber
    • 416 SS barrel
    • Bergara premium action
    • Timney trigger
    • Ashbury International stock
    • Nightforce ATACR 5-25 MOAR scope
    • Dead Air Sandman-L sound suppressor

    Bergara USA is based in Duluth, a suburb city outside of Atlanta. The company states they have worked with APD SWAT for several months to develop the rifle being made for the team.

    A cost of the rifles was not immediately available. The purchase order/bid information was not readily available from the City of Atlanta.

    Richard Johnson

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