Slide Fire SSAR-15 MOD

    Slide Fire is a Texas-based company that was started just a few short years ago by a USAF veteran, and in those years they’ve grown substantially. The company is known for their Slide Fire stocks, which are often referred to as bump fire stocks, but they go beyond simple bump fire. The way they’re made allows for significantly greater accuracy and control than with traditional bump fire, something I can attest to having used them myself. A great deal of time and effort went into these stocks, in fact, when Slide Fire was designed by founder Jeremiah Cottle it had to be approved for sale by the BATF. Cottle says the “honor, commitment, and perseverance” of the United States military is something he takes to heart and puts into his products, and in 2015 he has a new stock that promises to go beyond the success of previous models.



    The new model is the SSAR-15 MOD. According to Cottle the company took customer requests and feedback seriously when designing this new model from its adjustability switch, which allows length of pull to be adjusted between 6 positions, to its ambidextrous finger rest. Other features include a sanoprene butt rest and grip and semi-auto and lockdown switches, the latter of which keeps the stock solidly in place when it isn’t being used for rapid fire. The new stock mounts comfortably to your shoulder and promises to deliver even greater control than its predecessors. It’ll be made for ARs and AKs and is set to hit a gun store near you in late May 2015. MSRP $299.


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