Zero-G Plates by 5.11 Tactical – Duty Belt Support

    As an avid 3-gunner who has not yet splurged on a Safariland ELS belt system (I remain stoic that I do not need one, despite spending thousands on my firearms and ammo), I was intrigued to run across this little gem on 5.11 Tactical’s website. The Zero-G Plates are purpose-built weight distribution panels for duty belts.


    Manufactured from carbon fiber (a material that seems to be used for all kinds of things), the Zero-G plates slide on to the belt, taking up minimal real-estate. Its shape is designed to distribute weight from the sides (where the handgun and ammo/radio are typically located), making belts more comfortable to wear long-term and less likely to move around under vigorous movement. The plates retain the velcro backing to ensure compatibility with dual-belt systems.

    The plates are available direct from 5.11 for $109.99

    Description from 5.11’s website, verbatim:


    After four years of testing and development 5.11® is proud to announce the release of our Zero-G Plates, a revolutionary new modular load bearing system that dramatically increases the efficiency and comfort of your duty belt. Engineered to complement the body’s natural structure, 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ distribute weight evenly across the hips and down the femur, minimizing pressure against the spine and abdominal muscles while providing a stable and secure platform for all your gear. Crafted from low-profile non-reflective carbon fiber, 5.11 Zero-G Plates are tough, durable, lightweight, and integrate easily into your existing loadout while providing a clean and professional appearance.


    • 5.11 exclusive modular load bearing system
    • Amazingly comfortable, thoroughly professional
    • Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue
    • Integrates easily with your existing loadout



    • Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber
    • Non-reflective
    • Overmolded for comfort
    • Inner loop-sided panel adheres to liner belt
    • Compatible with your existing keepers


    Nathan S

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