Taiwanese Confidence Drill

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    According to the description and my wife’s translation, this is the National Security Bureau in Taiwan performing a demonstration. The description says that the instructor was shot in the neck/spine. Obviously not in this video. The author compares this to Navy Seal Training and questions whether or not this should continue.

    Obviously this is nothing like Navy Seal training and the Taiwanese person has no idea what he or she is talking about. However the dangers of a confidence drill, like this, are severe. Even though many of us have issues with this type of drill, it does have its use.

    In the video below, it looks like they are shooting in staggered rows while side stepping in unison.


    Edit: Everydaynodaysoff has a link for a longer news cast about the incident. It is so much worse that i could have imagined. They move in opposite directions WHILE shooting at each other.


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