Strong US Dollar Good for Domestic Buyers – AirForce Dropping Prices

    A strong US Dollar is starting to show its benefits for US buyers: foreign manufacturers are starting to drop prices as the dollar is able to purchase more product. The first to go widely public with their new pricing structure is AirForce, a manufacturer of Pre-Charged Pneumatic airguns (we reviewed one about this time last year.)

    The price drops are fairly substantial, taking the Lynx from $1154 to $999. Similar drops are across the line.

    Full Press Release Below:

    AirForce International To Drop Prices
    (Fort Worth) AirForce International has announced that prices on their airguns will be reduced effective April 1 in response to the strengthening US Dollar abroad. A stronger US dollar means that it takes less US dollars to buy the same item abroad.”You always hear about prices going up in response to changes in foreign exchange rates,” noted CEO John McCaslin. “Well, when we looked at our costs given the current state of foreign exchange, we saw that import costs had dropped. I decided to pass that savings along to the customer. It may be April Fool’s day but we’re not fooling.”

    The current AirForce International line-up includes the Lynx and the brand new Orion pre-charged air rifles, Models 94 and 95 spring rifles, and the Indian air pistols. These are some of the best buys from Europe and with the current strength of the US dollar, they are now more easily affordable.

    The reduced pricing is available immediately via the AirForce International website and our retailers – both storefront and online, who can be located via the web site. All AFI wholesalers and retailers have been notified of the price reduction.

    “One of the things about importing is that your costs are always sensitive to the strength of the US dollar as compared to foreign currencies. It has a major impact on importers,” commented McCaslin. “Our promise is to provide the best airguns the world has to offer at the best prices we can muster. Well, we just mustered better prices. Passing these kinds of savings and providing world class customer service is our promise to the US airgun community.”

    As an example of the price changes, the Lynx pre-charged air rifle is being reduced from an MSRP of $1154.95 to $999.95 and the new Orion will be introduced at $629.95.

    Auto-Numatic is the Texas based parent company of AirForce Airguns, BKL Technologies and AirForce International. AirForce Airguns revolutionized the airgun world with the first U.S. manufactured pre-charged pneumatic airgun in 1997. AirForce is now an established leader in the design and manufacture of high performance adult airguns. BKL offers a complete line of US made scope mounting systems for airguns and rimfire rifles that automatically self center on the mounting rail. AirForce International offers the finest in imported airguns. Auto-Numatic Corporation’s headquarters, production and shipping facilities are located in Fort Worth, Texas.

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