Colt OEM Series Rifles

    Colt OEM

    Some AR companies add more accessories to their guns to appeal to buyers, but according to Shooting Illustrated, Colt is going the other way with the OEM series.

    Understanding that many people customize the AR-15 after purchase, Colt decided to begin offering stripped down rifles: no sights, no stock, no hand guard, no trigger guard and no magazine. This allows a buyer to immediately begin the customization process without paying for any of the parts destined for replacement.

    Of course, many shooters might argue that anyone looking for an obvious project gun could just start with a stripped lower. Perhaps that will be the next thing that Colt offers.

    The OEM1 has an A2-style front sight. The OEM2 does not. The MSRPs are expected to be less than $800.

    Hat tip to Karine for the information.

    Richard Johnson

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