UTG Announces 13″ Keymod AK Handguards

    The number of accessory mounting options for AK owners continues to grow; UTG has announced new 13″ AK handguards compatible with Vltor’s KeyMod rail/accessory mounting system. From the press release:

    The Venerable AK47 has seen numerous upgrades and modifications throughout its long history. Perhaps none of them has changed the appearance and functionality as drastically as UTG PRO’s new Made in the USA 13″ Keymod Compatible AK rail series MTU027SSK. These handguards are designed to extend the standard grip surface from the receiver all the way to the front sight, allowing different modern shooting stances and tactics such as the “C-clamp” grip. The two piece octagonal shaped rail system is easy to install and includes various aids to ensure a perfect fit, while the mounting screws have been placed inside the rail, enhancing the super slim designs inherent clean look and feel. Ergonomic grooves have been cut along the length of the rail for an additional level of comfort. The rail system has a whopping123 Keymod slots allowing accessory placement virtually anywhere along the 9 tracks, and a full length top picatinny rail with 28 slots grants generous forward mounting space for optics and other accessories. The Picatinny rail has a full length cut-out to allow use of your iron sights and the sides have been scalloped to assist in hassle-free mounting. Additional Picatinny rail sections are included along with a rail-to-receiver bridge mount that creates a smooth transition surface while eliminating the unattractive gap found in other contemporary systems. Two versions are currently available: MTU027SSKA for Romanian and Bulgarian type AK’s; and MTU027SSKC for Chinese type AK’s and those with the same dimensions. The rail system is made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and finished in a black hard coat. At only 12.77 ounces, weight is not an issue, and the 1.5″width puts it on par with UTG’s AR rail systems like MTU019SSK with which it can share our new barricade kit TL-HS02B. Due to our own in-house Cerakote facility, you can count on other colors following shortly, as well as shorter length rail systems to round out the UTG PRO AK series of rails.

    MSRP: MTU027SSA: $159.97
    MTU027SSC: $159.97
    MTU019SSK: $179.97

    UTG has on their site some GIF images showing off the rail:


    The rail extends beyond the gas block, allowing a more Western-style forward hold on the rifle, as well as the mounting of accessories further forward. At the same time, it does not obstruct the traditional AK sling mounting point.

    Nathaniel F

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