POTD: Star Wars Themed CZ 75 SP-01

    I am not much of a Science-Fiction fan, but I love the look of this custom Star Wars-themed CZ 75 SP-01 commissioned by long time gun blogger Linoge, who blogs at Walls of the City. He hinted this might cause some contention in the comments. I think he might be right, but personally I believe in diversity and have always loved guns of all colors 🙂 Linoge wrote …

    Started with a CZ 75 SP-01, handed it over to Cajun Gun Works for their “CGW Pro Package”, and then over to Bunker Arms for the Star Wars-specific paint job.

    At first I was horrified by the faux holster wear, assuming it has been sandpapered, but on closer inspection it looks like paint has been used to give it that look.



    Steve Johnson

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