Polenar Tactical’s AK Operator DVD

    Polenar Tactical, the pro-firearms Slovenian group, has started an IndieGoGo campaign to make a training video about the AK platform. You may recall they are the group that made the video on “Stereotypes at the Range




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    The team at Polenar Tactical believe they can fill a void when it comes to AK manipulation training.  Their goal is $9,000 USD. Part of that goal is to fund a 4K high resolution DSLR so that they can offer higher resolution video and better quality images for this project and future projects. They also need funds for ammo and targets. The more money they raise the better the production will be and the DVD/Blu Ray will be even better.

    They have the contents of the video planned out.

    “Know Your Rifle”
    Everyone should know the possibilities and limitations of his rifle. In this chapter we will show how your rifle works, how to disassemble it and offer some tips for cleaning
    “Getting Started”
    Basic rifle manipulations, from loading, unloading to engaging the safety
    “Adjusting Your Rifle”
    Proper use of the sights, sighting in the rifle and getting the optimal zero
    “Upgrades and Modifications”
    What upgrades are best fo what use and what our recommendation
    “Proper Grip, Handling and Stance”
    Here we will show you how to properly grip your rifle and how to engage from several basic stances.
    “Basics of Rifle Manipulation”
    This includes different reloads, shoulder transitions, rifle to pistol transitions and malfunction solving
    “Advanced Techniques”
    This includes shooting while moving, tips on how to properly use cover and concealment, shooting from unconventional positions, shooting with body armour, emergency one handed manipulations and more

    “Tips for Training”
    A detailed chapter about how to get better with different dry and live fire drills

    Bonus Chapters
    (If stretch goals are met):

    “AK in Various Calibers”
    Here we will show the specifics that certain calibers bring to the table including terminal ballistics
    A whole chapter dedicated to the M76
    “Behind the Scenes”
    See how our whole production process looked like, from inception to the finished product.
    “Team Interviews and Commentary”
    Interviews with the crew about the initial idea to the filming process, impressions and more.
    Funny moments that were captured on camera during filming and production.
    _MG_8443 IMG_7254-2 Trailer2014.Still001 Žiga 1-5.Still001
    I am eager to see the final product. They have made some great content on YouTube and I believe they have the passion to make a great video. I hope they reach their goal. If you are interested in supporting them, go to their IndieGoGo page.L-R: Žiga, Manca, Samo Stergel, Jan
    Team Photo
    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

    Any questions please email him at [email protected]