Duralar: A New Coating for Firearms

    The next new (of many to come, I am sure) coatings for firearms has been released by ProtoTactical, Duralar. Duralar is a diamond-based nanotechnology coating that “enhance(s) metal hardness and durability — and to provide other qualities as well.”

    In the Press Release, ProtoTactical contends the carbon component of the coating provides a “natural, dry lubricity”. When applied to firearms, this means longer service life, smoother actions, and increased scratch resistance.

    Details on pricing, what the coating can be applied to, and availability are currently not listed on the supplier websites. We will reach out to the companies and offer to test the coating.

    Full Press Release Below:

    TUCSON, Ariz., March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ProtoTactical, a Tucson-area manufacturer of firearms and firearm components has discovered a new way to significantly improve their firearm performance — by applying a special nanotechnology coating called Duralar™. Duralar is an advanced, diamond-based coating that is being used in a variety of industries to enhance metal hardness and durability — and to provide other qualities as well.

    “Our use of Duralar coatings began as an experiment,” said Gary Palese, president of ProTactical. “I coated a few standard AR-15 trigger parts, mainly to check out the increased durability and wear resistance. But I got a nice surprise and an interesting bonus…”

    “As soon as we installed a Duralar-coated trigger and dry-fired the weapon we immediately discovered that the trigger action was significantly smoother. Customers who tried it were amazed at the difference between the coated and uncoated triggers. They were certain that we must have changed the springs or reground the edges, or something! But the only difference was Duralar.”

    “Because Duralar is a carbon-based material it has a natural, dry lubricity,” explained Andrew Tudhope, president of Duralar North America. “In firearm applications this means smoother action, less friction and no need for liquid lubricants, which can collect dirt and cause jamming. So, when you combine the intrinsic lubricity with Duralar’s hardness and increased wear and scratch resistance, it gives gun manufacturers a very useful suite of performance features.”

    Sex Appeal

    Gary Palese is also pleased with another Duralar feature, which he calls “sex appeal!”  “Duralar coating gives metals a unique pearlescent gray-black surface that is very tactical and ‘stealthy’ looking — which many of our customers find very sexy! So, because of its hardness and attractive appearance, I’m going to start using Duralar to coat our line of custom knife blades, as well.”

    Introduced by Duralar Technologies in 2012, Duralar is an advanced, uniquely structured nanocomposite coating that blends metal and diamond-based components to achieve exceptional hardness, toughness, strength and a spectrum of performance qualities. It is comprised of multiple layers that can be configured in multiple ways to address different applications. Because of its many features Duralar is finding use in an ever-widening range of metal-coating applications. In addition to hardness, durability and lubricity the coatings also provide excellent corrosion and erosion resistance, and they are environmentally friendly, as well.

    About Duralar Technologies

    Duralar Technologies is a global nanotechnology company and developer of the state-of-the-art Duralar family of ultra-hard coatings. The diamond-based next-generation products are designed to replace hard chrome plating, thermal spray and other previous generations of hard coatings in a broad range of industries including oil & gas, automotive, pulp & paper and aerospace. The company sells and supports Duralar’s coating technology as well as the systems, precursors and materials used in the Duralar coating process. In addition, Duralar Technologies provides Duralar coating services for selected customers. The company’s U.S. headquarters are located in Marana, AZ. European headquarters are in Bedizzole, Italy. The company has additional facilities and offices in Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. For more information, visit www.duralar.com.

    About ProtoTactical

    ProtoTactical LLC, based in Marana, AZ, is a precision machine shop and manufacturer of AR-style firearms and accessories under its own name as well as for other firearms companies across the U.S. and around the world. The company specializes in reliability at an affordable price, delivering unique product solutions as well as tried-and-true designs. With its rapid prototyping, design and manufacturing capabilities ProtoTactical is able to supply virtually any firearm or component in-house and respond quickly to customer needs. ProtoTactical is a division of ProtoTech, a full-service product development and high-precision machine shop. Established in 1995, ProtoTech is a respected member of Tucson’s advanced technology industry, supplying quality precision parts worldwide. For more information, visit www.prototactical.com.

    Contact for Duralar:
    Al Shultz / Al Shultz Advertising
    (408) 289-9555 or Email

    Contact for ProtoTactical:
    Gary Palese, President
    7775 N. Casa Grande Hwy, #155
    Tucson, Arizona 85743
    (520) 579-9873

    ™ Duralar is a trademark of Duralar Technologies

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