Nothing New With The C Clamp Grip

    Ballistic Radio posted this over the weekend.

    1986 NYPD FTS, Rodmens Neck. I have no idea who, what, where, or when. But nothing is invented by anyone in this business. I have never had an original thought in my life and I’m pretty sure I copied that from someone else.” – Pat Rogers, discussing the origin of the C-clamp grip.

    Shane Keng of Magpod and Multitasker, shared this photo of his father.

    Saw the post by Ballistic Radio with Pat Rogers about experimenting with the C Clamp Grip back in the day; these are of my pops back in 1981 and 1986; he told me he started practicing point shooting back in the early 1960s when he was in the Taiwanese Sea Wolves commando squadron

    C clamp


    As my friend Tony Yao always said “There is no truly original idea”. All ideas are influenced from something else and owes its creation to those influences.

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