KAC Skeletonized AR Upper Receiver

    When it comes to sports cars I believe the less weight the better, I believe in the same principal with my guns. I was never a fan of hanging a bunch of stuff on my AR15 other than the essentials. I’m even sporting a pencil barrel on my main AR. Other than thinner barrels, minimalist stocks, and running only iron sights how else can one shed ounces from their ARs? Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) and BoltCarrier.com have collaborated on a new stripped skeletonized lightweight AR15 upper receiver that weights in at around 5 ounces. You have to be ok with it looking like Swiss cheese however. They claim that they’ve figured out how to remove all this material without negatively affecting rigidity too. They retail for $150 over at BoltCarrier.com.

    People are always looking for ways to lighten their AR-15 rifles from dimpling barrels to lightening rails and accessories. No one has been brave enough to skeletonize the upper receiver itself — until now.

    We’ve developed a technique for removing material in a way that maintains the structural integrity without compromising rigidity.

    Furthermore, our techniqe reduces the weight of the reciever by nearly a quarter while improving airflow and cooling.

    As a side effect, this service also provides heretofore unprecedented access to the inner workings of the upper allowing for maintenance and application of lube without requiring disassembly. Whether you’re in the field or at a match, you no longer have to take apart your gun to thoroughly lube the bolt or swap out a cam pin.

    Our hole pattern also matches the dimpling on Knight’s barrels to giving complete guns a coherent appearence.

    Skeletonized AR Upper Receiver1
    Skeletonized AR Upper Receiver rail
    Skeletonized AR Upper Receiver full rifle

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