TFBTV: 5 Best Fun to Dollar Ratio Guns

    Today we talk about five guns that we believe offer the most fun to dollar ratio. Any day at the range is a good day, but a cheap day at the range is better! The transcript follows …

    – Hey guys. It’s Alex C. again with The Firearm Blog.

    – This is Patrick R. from the Firearm Blog.

    – And we’re here today with another video.

    It’s a five guns video and today’s video category is five guns that give you the best bang for your buck.

    We’ve got here, actually, you’ll see more than five guns, but you’ll understand why in a little bit.

    Five guns that we believe provide the most enjoyment for your dollar.

    – Yep, yeah.

    – So, if you’re a new shooter or if you’re an experienced shooter, maybe there’s something you haven’t seen or something you haven’t messed with on the table.

    I’m sure that the most experienced of you probably either own or at least have shot most of what you see.

    As such, this’ll kinda be for newer shooters or maybe someone looking to get into the hobby.

    – Yeah, maybe a video to go ahead and push somebody over the top on buying a new firearm.

    – There ya go. So let’s go from our left to right.

    First of all, we’re gonna start with the venerable 10.22 rifle.

    Actually, we both kinda brought our 10.22s.

    We had mentioned it on the phone and I didn’t know he was bringing his, but it’s kinda neat.

    – You wanna pass that one over here? – Yeah, because we both got our customized 10.22s which are more or less, almost the same build.

    – More or less. I’ve got a different barrel and optic on mine and a different charging handle, but other than that, they’re basically the same.

    – And the reason that we both kinda built them the way we did is as suppressor hosts.

    – Mmhmm.

    – He’s a big suppressor guy.

    I wouldn’t say I’m a big suppressor guy.

    I’ve got a 22 Ken that I’d love to put on this and shoot.

    It’s a really accurate gun.

    The reason that we chose these is because…

    – Yeah, they’re just stupid accurate, stupid fun.

    – Even factory, they’re pretty decent.

    – Yeah, they’re reasonable.

    We have a friend that has one that he threaded the factory barrel on, and he loves it to death.

    – And I will say, the MSRP, what can you get these for new right now? – I think it’s $189, right around there, if you go ahead and shop around a little bit.

    – If you see the one for $189, it’s gonna be a no bells and whistles model but that doesn’t stop you from turning it into this.

    – Those are just as much fun as these.

    These are just a little bit more accurate and I’ll be honest, I like that it looks pretty cool.

    It’s really the only reason I did it.

    – And they’re fun to tinker with.

    – Yeah, Yeah.

    – Even if you have no experience working on firearms, you can get a 10.22 and make it your own just like you would a small black Chevy if you have a set of wrenches.

    They are that easy to work on.

    They really are modular.

    – Barrel changes on these are painfully easy.

    It’s two hex head screws and you just slide the barrel up, put a new one in.

    – Absolutely and I think, actually, for a future video it might be cool to have a 10.22 showdown.

    – Yeah, why not? – But anyways, that’s the 10.22.

    We really like these.

    Those who have them, love them.

    You’ll understand, obviously when we shoot one.

    They’re a ton of fun and we really enjoy them.

    On to our next category here which is a little different.

    That’s the one where we have two guns instead of one.

    It’s gonna be black powder stuff.

    We’ve got two different black powder selections here.

    You gonna go with the six shooter or flintlock? – No, I wanna feel like a pirate.

    – Ok, anyways, the reason we chose black powder pistols and the reason I have two is because you can get a black powder pistol for about $200 new.

    Used, much much less.

    I think this one was about $40.

    That one, I think I got it thrown in on a trade one time.

    That’s, of course, a flintlock.

    I believe a 65 caliber flintlock.

    – Mmhmm.

    – And what’s cool about black powder is that you make your own ammo so easily.

    For example, all these lead balls in here, we cast out of lead wheel weights that we got from a friend who is a mechanic for a living.

    So, you almost shoot for free.

    The only cost you have is the actual powder itself.

    You can make the powder, but it’s dangerous.

    The legal situation, I’m not sure what it is.

    – I’m not either.

    – But I know that you can do it, so that’s there.

    Black powder stuff’s a ton of fun.

    The only problem I have with it is cleaning it and loading it.

    But if you overcome that, it is cool.

    It shoots out a lot of smoke and is just a ton of fun.

    – Well, you mentioned making your own ammo for this and when you say that, every time I look at that little bag, I think of that scene in The Patriot where he’s melting down the little toy soldiers and making his own bullets.

    – Yeah, anything that’s lead.

    – Yeah, even making the bullets is fun.

    – It is a lot of fun. Some people might not enjoy it but I think it’s pretty cool.

    It feels cool to shoot a bullet that you have made.

    That’s just a lot of bang for the buck.

    – Oh, I agree.

    – Anyways, I’m gonna let you take this next category because this is your favorite.

    – Yes, these are my favorite guns, period. End of story.

    This is mine. Alex, he’s got his right here.

    Grab that from me.

    Every time I got out shooting, I must put 250 rounds through it, something like that.

    I’ll go ahead and I’ll set it up like I normally do.

    Because I don’t think I’ve fired a single shot through this thing un-suppressed and it must have right around 2000 rounds through it since I bought it.

    But it is just really accurate, really reliable, and really quiet.

    We joke whenever we go to some of our bigger shoots, whenever they call a cold firing line.

    That kinda means suppressed 22s now.

    When we do go to this event, no one’s down range or anything like that.

    – It’s a very impromptu, generally Fourth of July machine gun shoot and cold range is just to give your gears a break.

    – Pretty much.

    On mine, I left the sight stock.

    I have a silencer Coast barrel, stainless steel, mounted on mine.

    I also went ahead and went with a, I think we both had the same trigger modification.

    We got a Volquartsen sear, I think I’m saying that right.

    – Yeah, polished up the internals a little bit.

    – Yeah, we polished the internals a little bit.

    – We eliminated the magazine disconnect, which helped a lot.

    – Yeah, we went to a mark two, mag bushing, or whatever it is.

    Honestly, my favorite gun.

    Like I said, it must have 2000 rounds through it over the last six months maybe.

    – And what’s the price on these? – I think I paid, I wanna say $320 for mine.

    I got a really good deal on mine.

    – And that’s for this version, which is a high end version.

    – Yes, this is the 22.45 Lite.

    – Now a regular 22.45 is much cheaper.

    They won’t have a threaded barrel, but even if you don’t have a threaded barrel, if you’re not a suppressor guy, that doesn’t mean they’re not fun guys.

    They’re seriously so much fun.

    They work just like a top.

    They are incredible firearms.

    – We’re focusing on the 22.45s but really, any 22 pistol could be thrown in this category.

    I’ve got an M&P 22 that I absolutely love.

    That gun also has about 3000 rounds through it and I don’t think I’ve cleaned it maybe, two or three times, reliable as a top.

    – The reason we chose the Ruger I think is just because it’s been in the culture for so long.

    They have a great reputation and you can find used ones for very very inexpensive.

    – I think, subconsciously, you’ve seen me pull it out of my bag every single time we go to the range without fail.

    – That’s absolutely true.

    – When we think 22 pistol, it’s this gun right here.

    – Right. So, anyways, that covers Patrick’s favorite gun, actually.

    It’s a great bang for the buck and it’s a great shooter.

    – You know what, maybe we’ll go ahead and, because you’ve got a Burris fast fire mount on yours and I’m not a big fan of it but maybe we’ll go ahead and we’ll do a little shoot-off with these as well.

    – That would be cool.

    If you guys wanna see that or the 10.22, we can definitely address that in the future.

    – Please comment.

    – So, next up.

    This is kind of a broad category, actually.

    We just said 12 gauge shotgun.

    – So, I went through my safe and I found the cheapest one that I had that was 100% reliable and it’s this old Remington 870 Wingmaster Riot that I picked up at a gun show for about $220, five or six years ago.

    – It’s probably stolen. No I’m just kidding.

    – (laughs) – Anyways, this gun is awesome.

    Actually, Phil White, when I told him that Patrick had this, said that he had one when he was a police officer and he wanted to make an offer on the gun but I don’t think Patrick’s gonna.

    – No, no, this gun will end up staying with me for the rest of my life.

    When I bought it, it had a little Houston Police Department property tag on the stock and it’s since worn off since I’ve shot it so much, but if I pull the little recoil pad off, it’s got a really cool aluminum tag that says Houston Police Department’s Aviation Unit and I can only assume that it rode around maybe on the airports or something like that.

    I have no idea what it was used for.

    Actually, if you do know, please comment.

    If you’re in Houston, if you’re familiar with what that might be, that’d be great, I’d love to know.

    – I would like to hear that information as well.

    If guns could talk, absolutely.

    – For $220, it’s so much fun.

    – Absolutely and it’s not like you have to have a suppressor like you do on this.

    It’s just so much fun and the reason we chose generic 12 gauge shotgun, not to say this one’s generic, is because you can do so much with them.

    You can hunt with them. You can skeet shoot.

    You can defend your home.

    You can just go out and blast watermelons and have a ton of fun.

    – That is why I pulled the 870 out of the safe because I came very close to bringing the H&R single shot.

    You’ve seen me shoot some ridiculous stuff outta that gun.

    – If you wanna see the capabilities of what a 12 gauge is for, check out Demolition Ranch, the channel on Youtube.

    They are just an incredible amount of fun.

    You can do anything with them and you can’t break them, and if you do break them somehow, you can fix them.

    – Back to the reason that I grabbed this one.

    You can buy replacement barrels for these really inexpensively and have one gun that does hunting, skeet shooting, home defense, and just a range blaster for under $400 or $500.

    – I would be so bold as to say that if I could only have one firearm, it would be a 12 gauge shotgun with a rifle barrel, a long barrel for dove, and then a short barrel for home defense.

    – I 100% agree with you on that.

    If there’s one guy that I had to live the rest of my life out with, it would be a 12 gauge shotgun.

    – Absolutely, and Y Man is in that situation.

    – Yes, I think he has a Mossberg 500.

    – He has a Mossberg 500 and you guys should read his posts.

    He’s our resident Nigerian shotgunner and he is very very cool, very awesome.

    – Yeah, great guy! – Shout out to you Y Man.

    Anyways, last gun we’ve got on the table.

    Everyone knows about this who’s in the firearm community.

    This is Mosin-Nagant. Patrick, this is yours.

    – This is mine.

    – This is an M39? – It is an M38, actually.

    It’s a 1943 M38. I believe it is an Izhevsk.

    Am I saying that properly? – I have no idea.

    – I don’t either.

    My apologies if I got that wrong.

    I cleaned up the stock a little bit and applied some boiled linseed oil because I just love how it looks, but if I take a Mosin out to the range it’s this gun.

    I’ve got four or five of them and none of them are as handy to shoot and as much fun as this one.

    There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a real good thump on the shoulder for 20 cents a trigger pull.

    – Absolutely guys, you can get a can of 440 rounds for about $100.

    Mosin-Nagants, I remember I bought my first one, which is an M44 for less than $100.

    They’ve since gone up to $140-ish or something.

    – I actually, recently saw them for $189.

    – That’s a lot of money for one but that still is a good deal in today’s world if you’re paying for one.

    – Even if you paid $189 for one of these and I think the square B rock solid mount, something like that, I forget who it is.

    – And we’re also forgetting guys, you don’t have to buy from a retailer.

    Buy used and you can still find them for much less.

    – My point being, even if you paid $189, and then you threw a $50 scope mount on it and a $50 scope, you’ve got a great rifle that you can take hunting, take it target shooting and the ammo is really cheap.

    – Seriously, when I was in high school and I decided I wanted a first gun, I actually set on the Savage Bolt Action, but I quickly found out about these and I bought one.

    I didn’t realize how much fun it would be versus the actual scope 30-06 that I was shooting at distance.

    I wish I had gotten this first because you can’t break them, they shoot great, ammo costs almost nothing, and the fun per dollar is there.

    Also, another cool thing I wanted to show you is these.

    It’s a chamber insert that allows you to shoot 7.62 X 25 out of the gun so if you don’t want that big thump on the shoulder, if maybe you wanna teach your child or someone else to shoot it’s a great alternative.

    – This is a dudd round in here. It’s just a prime case.

    I’m not gonna pull the trigger but you just load it in like normal and slide it in the chamber and you now have a gun that shoots a pistol caliber.

    So, if you have somebody that you wanna teach how to shoot a bolt action, this is a great option.

    – So, anyways guys, these are our picks for the five best guns that give you the best bang for the buck at the range and any day at the range is a good day but…

    – A cheap day at the gun range is even better.

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    We’ve got some really cool stuff on the way with the TFB TV project, so I’m Alex C.

    – And I’m Patrick R. We’re the

    – Thanks for watching.

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.