BREAKING NEWS: Taurus Curve Already Recalled?

    Toele Shooting Supply, LLC, writes on their Facebook page:

    Got a couple of the new Taurus Curve pistols today. Before they arrived, someone from Taurus called us to tell them we couldn’t sell them, and had to send them back to the factory… due to issues they refused to discuss.

    Comments from around the web corroborate this. According to some, the reason for the recall was that the caliber was not stamped on the pistol’s barrel:


    Went to Dick’s today to see the new Curve that they expected to receive yesterday and I was told that the Curves have been recalled because Taurus did not print the caliber on the barrels.


    I work for Academy, we can’t sell them because the caliber wasn’t stamped on them.


    I bought one today. Dealer was unaware of a recall. And yes, the caliber was not stamped on it.

    No official comment has been made by Taurus about this apparent recall.

    All firearms imported into the United States are legally required to possess caliber markings stamped or etched into the barrel to a depth of at least three thousandths of an inch.

    UPDATE: Taurus has released a statement:

    We recently discovered that a batch of the new Curve™ pistols left our facility without the caliber (.380 Auto) prominently displayed. We are requesting that these firearms are returned to us for proper marking. There are no quality or safety issues with these firearms. The marking error has been corrected and we are currently producing and shipping Curves to meet the significant demand for this product.

    We have been in contact with our dealers, distributors and retailers and are in the process of getting the products they had in stock sent back to us. Given the excitement surrounding the Curve, many firearms have already been purchased by consumers. Our Customer Care team is ready to expedite the return and marking process and can be reached at 1.800.327.3776 by selecting Option 1 for Customer Care and then pressing 8 for priority service. More information and directions on how to return a firearm for marking are also available at
    We are grateful for all of the support for this exciting, new and different product. We take quality and meeting our customers’ needs very seriously and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our Taurus® fans.

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