Beretta GunPod 2: A Detailed Digital Hunting Log

    Beretta has a product coming that makes it possible for hunters to keep a truly detailed log of their hunts. The product is the GunPod 2, and it will work with the next generation of the A400 Xplor, which will be hitting the market in April 2015. The GunPod 2 will be integrated into the new A400 Xplor and the corresponding app, which is Android and iOS compatible, allows dedicated hunters to take logging their experiences into the digital age.

    The GunPod 2 app takes numerous details into account including information for shots fired from a counter to type of ammunition to which shot fired filled your tag. In addition, hunters will be able to make notations regarding ground covered during a hunt – an ability that’s pretty handy for stalking and logging game habits on a particular piece of land – as well as note weather conditions. An option for photographs, which can be stored in conjunction with whatever hunt data they correspond with, is included, adding a visual aspect that’s bound to add a significant layer of appeal.

    A minute-long video advertising the app-and-integrated-system combo is on YouTube and depicts two hunters with an English Setter making good use of the setup. From viewing the video it appears GPS coordinates are included as well as a game-specific organizational file system within the app so hunters can view information not only by date but by selecting the kind of game. Although the GunPod 2 app is designed to work with the system built into the new A400 Xplor there is also a manual app option for guns without the GunPod 2 installed.

    As a hunter I have to say this appears to be a fascinating system, and I’m looking forward to taking a closer look at the upcoming NRA Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. After all, what diehard hunter among us – myself included – wouldn’t enjoy the ability to digitally log even greater details about our accomplishments? This goes far beyond the current photo-sharing and story-telling sessions that take place after a hunt and enters the realm of location and data-specific information sharing. This level of detail can easily lend itself to improving future hunts. God bless the digital age.

    Take a look at the GunPod 2 video below and visit Beretta’s website to take a look at the A400:

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