POTD: Rack the slide with your trigger finger: The Rare Norinco 77B

    Christopher sent us a photo of a gun he spent 25 years trying to acquire. The Norinco 77B is notable for having a slide that can be racked using the trigger finger! I have to confess, I don’t ever recall coming across or reading about the 77B. Christopher writes …

    I’ve chased this rare bird since seeing the Chinasports ad in a SOF magazine in 1990. After traveling hundreds of miles, nearly 25 years spent in the halls of PA, NY, MD, VA,Fl, SC, NV, OH, WV gunshows and visiting gunshops all over the country, I’ve never encountered one. Recently, I found this Norinco 77b on GB (thank you internet!) from a Chicago pawnshop awhile back and thought I’d share it with my favorite blog. (according to wikipedia) Based on the German Einhand system. If you’re empty and get winged in a firefight, you can rack the slide with one hand. Striker fired, blowback in 9mm. Just an odd duck that still intrigues me after all these years.

    Thanks Christopher, it turns out there are guns even this old gun blogger has not come across before!