Discrete Defense Solutions Launches .308 Rifle Truck Mount

    At first glance, I would never buy one of these. Now, after stewing for a few days, I feel utterly compelled to build a .308 just for the mount.

    Discrete Defense Solutions has announced the release of their AR10 Truck Mount, a mount designed to allow mounting of a .308 rifle in a truck or similar vehicle. The mount does not require tools and is available for a variety of vehicles.(note, vehicle would require space between center console and seat for comfortable mounting).

    Description from Discrete Defense:

    • Installs easily with no tools.  Just open the Console Lid, place inside, and shut lid!
    • Console Clasp fits between Console Lid and side.
    • Made from durable .093″ Kydex.
    • Easily removed and stowed when not in use.
    • Holds your AR 10 Style or M1 Rifle securely against your truck console.
    • Remove or replace Rifle in seconds by sliding Magazine into, or out of the Mount.
    • Prevents Rifle and Optics from getting bumped and banged around the truck.
    • Models available for most modern Trucks and SUV’s.
    • Works with standard GI Mags or PMAGs
    • Passenger Side is suggested, but Driver Side is available and works well as Spare Magazine Holder.
    • Patent Pending

    Those interested can check the product demo video out and purchase on their website for $35.00


    Full Press Release:

    Discrete Defense Solutions announces AR10 Truck Mount product

    Larned, Kansas, March 26, 2015 –

    Discrete Defense Solutions announces the release of new AR-10 truck mount designed to securely hold one’s AR-10 or M1 rifle in a truck next to the driver’s or passenger’s seat. This product was created in response to customer requests after our AR-15 truck mount was released recently. The necessary modifications were made in an ongoing effort to create accessories that aide in concealed carry and personal defense.

    “The AR-10 truck mount works just like the AR-15 truck mount. It offers the features a gun owner needs in a product of this type. It can be easily installed by simply opening the console lid, placing the mount inside, and shutting the console. No tools are required as the clasp fits easily into this space, and it may be removed and stored when it isn’t needed. Accessing the weapon isn’t difficult either, as the rifle can be easily removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. All one needs to do is slide the magazine out of or into the weapon mount,” Bob Rein, spokesperson for Discrete Defense Solutions, explains.

    The mounts are customized based on what truck and console the customer has. Individuals unable to locate a mount for their vehicle model need to contact the company for further assistance, as Discrete Defense Solutions strives to create solutions for any make and model, although some require modifications.

    “Individuals frequently wedge their AR between the console and the seat, which often leads to the magazine sliding down to the floorboard. As one cannot control road conditions, a new option was needed, and this is where the AR-15 truck mount was borne. Now, we’re following it up with an AR-10 model. Discrete Defense Solutions does want consumers to understand, however, that the truck mount isn’t designed for a loaded rifle.

    In addition to the new AR-10 truck mount, Discrete Defense Solutions provides hand-crafted custom pistol holsters manufactured using durable Kydex. One may select from inside the waist band (IWB) and outside the waist band (OWB) conceal carry holster designs, with all being made in the United States. Individuals choosing these products find they offer superior comfort as compared to other conceal carry holsters, since they are custom formed to the gun owner’s sidearm of choice.

    “Discrete Defense Solutions supports the right of individuals to bear arms. The company strives to make doing so easier for all and provides a wide variety of products to help individuals keep their personal defense and conceal carry weapons on hand. Our products are very popular with law enforcement officials and military personnel. We hope the general public gets on board soon too,” Rein states.

    About Discrete Defense Solutions:

    Discrete Defense Solutions supports the right of all citizens to bear arms and provides products designed to allow them to do so with great comfort. Many existing holster products fail in this area, which led to the company working to create and launch new products designed for carrying and transporting rifles. The goal remains to eliminate any discomfort one may experience when carrying or transporting a personal weapon. Products made by Discrete Defense Solutions are ready to be worn on a daily basis, 24/7.

    For more information about the AR-10 mount, visit http://discretedefensesolutions.com/shop/vehicle-accessories/ar10-truck-console-mount/

    Contact Info:
    Bob Rein
    Discrete Defense Solutions
    [email protected]
    ph: 620-521-7025

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