Unity Tactical Monkey Bar MBUS PRO Offset Light Mount

    Soldier Systems posted this up. Unity Tactical is making an upgrade replacement clamp for the Magpul MBUS Pro front sight. The replacement clamp will allow you to offset mount a light

    The Monkey Bar replaces the OEM clamp to provide the user with a solid and lightweight FUSION compatible mounting interface. The FUSION interface allows you to directly mount Surefire™ Scout Lights as well as 1913 rail sections (Using the Offset Rail), 1” or Executive Series Ring Lights (Using the FUSION Ring Mounts) or Surefire ™ Millennium Series Lights (Using the Millennium Series Adapter).

    The Monkey Bar is precision machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and Type 3 Hardcoat anodized for durability.

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    The light mount weighs 0.2 oz and is in production now. They will be available at the end of April. No word on pricing yet.

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