POTD: The rare TSW Revolver and .356 TSW Round

    Mr Revolverguy, who blogs at Day at the Range, sent in this photo….

    is a very rare combination of a Smith and Wesson Performance Center 940 356 TSW revolver and now defunct 356TSW ammunition. The TSW was Ì for Team Smith & Wesson designed in the 1990’s by S&W for IPSC competition. The 356 TSW is a 9×21.5 round which almost duplicating the ballistics of the 357 Magnum, 140gr round at 100 yards. S&W would later change the name to coincide with the branding of pistols they were manufacturing “Tactical Smith & Wesson” It is of my opinion marketing seriously lacked and was the main cause of failure. This round was not marketed where it had it’s greatest potential.

    I will be reviewing this pairing on my blog soon after some time on the range with it comparing the 356TSW J-Frame, against a 9mm J-Frame and 38 Special J-Frame.

    It was rumored that the .356 TSW was banned from competition, but I have never seen hard proof of this.