Ed Brown Alpha Series 1911 Pistols

    Ed Brown 1911

    Ed Brown recently introduced the new Alpha line of 1911 pistols. Two basic models anchor the series: the Alpha Elite and the Alpha Carry.

    The Alpha Elite is a 5″ Government-type model that will be available with and without an accessory rail. The non-light rail version will be available with a stainless finish and a black finish. The accessory rail model will only be available with┬áthe black finish.

    Ed Brown 1911

    The Alpha Elite will have Chainlink I treatment on the front and rear of the grip. Night sights are standard. These models will weigh about 38 ounces, or about 0.17 stone.

    For a more compact version, the Alpha Carry is a 4.25″ Commander-style pistol with a Bobtail frame. This gun shares all of the same features as the Elite, but without the rail option. This gun is a little lighter at 25 ounces (about 0.16 stone.)

    Richard Johnson

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