American Built Arms Company Mission Critical Kit (MCK)

    American Built Arms Company has put together a nifty little kit. Some of the stuff I’m not entire sure about (like the black gear bands), but the rest of the items are things I normally try and carry with me when I hit the range. It would be nice if it was small enough to fit inside a grip but still pretty small.

    The A*B Arms Mission Critical Kit (MCK) is a collection of critical replacement parts for you and your AR-15/M-4 that are there to serve you in your time of need. The MCK is manufactured for military and law enforcement, as well as civilian firearms enthusiasts. The MCK will make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

    The Mission Critical Kit includes the following items:

    • One A*B Arms Complete Nickel Boron Coated Bolt Assembly
    • One A*B Arms Firing Pin
    • One Firing Pin Retaining Pin
    • One A*B Arms Extractor
    • One Extractor Axle
    • Six Gas Rings
    • One Bolt Assembly Instruction Card
    • Two UV Resistant Black Gear Bands
    • One A*B Arms Latex Barrel Cover
    • One 5.56 Broken Shell Extractor
    • Two vials of 3ml Breakthrough Battle Born High-Purity Oil
    • Two Latex-Free Adhesive Bandages and Alcohol Prep Pad
    • One Tactical Black, Ballistic Nylon Case with Multiple Gear PocketsĀ (5″x 3.5″x 1″)

    What kind of kit do you carry?

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