9 Year Old Reloads Like A Boss

    Check out this 9 year old kid mastering a pistol reload.  This video was posted on Facebook by Max Michel and the kid’s name is JW Aguirre.

    If you watch JW and break down his reload, he uses his support thumb to hit the release. Then it is all speed. He rushes for a new mag, has it out and into the pistol, resumes firing in shy of 2 seconds. Very, very well done young man. Keep it up.


    Edit: JW’s father reached out to me and gave me some more information.

    JW has a facebook page, that his parents created and monitor, where you can follow him and his shooting exploits. According to Jesse, JW’s father, JW has been shooting since September of last year and is competing regularly in USPSA matches.

    Right on. It makes me smile to see parents and kids enjoy shooting sports responsibly while doing it the best they can.

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