Weekend Photo: WWII Beretta M1934

    Jacob sent us a photo of his Beretta dating back to the last months of WWII. He writes …

    I saw your POTD of the Beretta Model 20 and I thought I might share a photo of my Beretta M1934, an ancestor of the Model 20. Mine is from 1944, and has German acceptance marks. According to Beretta, mine was part of an order delivered to the Nazi Army High Command in February 1945. It is chambered in .32ACP and has a matching magazine. I actually carry this gun regularly when I can’t or don’t want to dress around my 1911. Mine functions flawlessly, and is in about 80% condition. There construction is a little rough, but unsurprising given the late war manufacture. I find it to be surprisingly accurate at 10-15 yards, certainly good enough for a defensive pistol. It’s an interesting design, very simple to strip for cleaning and very solidly built. I also find it entertaining, as a Jewish person, to be turning a German army weapon to my own protection.

    Very interesting, thanks Jacod. I like your sense of irony!