SGM Tactical Glock Happy Sticks 9mm and 45acp

    SGM Tactical brought out their new happy stick mags at Big 3 East. They are heat treated stainless steel lined sleeves. They will be available soon and will retail for $19.99. They have performed flawlessly with a 10ft drop fully loaded. Just like the Glock version, the 9mm will hold 33 rds and they are Gen4 compatible.




    Along with 9mm, SGM will be making a 24 rd magazine also $19.99. I have been told it can hold 26 just like the KRISS Mag extensions. These magazines will be slightly altered as they drop free out of the Glock 21 but not out of a KRISS Vector SMG that we tested at the Big 3 East last week. This new magazine is not the same as the one before. The previous magazines were imported Korean magazines made by KCI. These are not those magazines.


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