POTD: .25 Cal Beretta

    Andrew sent us a photo of his girlfriend;s Beretta Model 20 …

    My girlfriend’s Beretta model 20 in .25 acp she got from her grandfather. For the longest time it had no magazine but I happened to find a magazine for it in the drawer of a fellow officers desk. A pill bottle of .25 ammo from the evidence custodian and she ran like a champ. Anemic but still a very pretty gun. They produced these for a few years as a trial prior to producing the model 21 series handguns.

    Like Andrew says, these are neat little guns, but I would not put my life in the hands of .25 ACP. Out of a short barreled pistol, and average (ie. not hot) .25 ACP gives about 66 ft lbs of muzzle energy …. a lot less than a standard velocity .22 LR!