Gear Review: RamRodz Range Kit for Pistols.

    RamRodz is now offering some new products that will allow shooters to quickly and efficiently clean their pistol, rifle, or shotgun and assist in minor gunsmithing tasks. RamRodz flagship product is their RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners. The Barrel and Breech cleaners resemble a large Q-tip and are made of industrial grade cotton and feature an 8 inch bamboo handle.

    Last February I did a formal review of the RamRodz Barrel and Breech cleaners. Since that article I have used RamRodz exclusively for cleaning all of my firearms.

    Key Features and Observations of RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners

    RamRodz Barrel and Breech cleaners come in the following sizes:

    • .22 Caliber. This size will work for .223 and 5.56. This size will not work on .17 HMR rifles
    • .38 Caliber. This size will work for 9mm, .357, and .380 bore sizes. I found that this size works great for cleaning .30 Caliber barrels. It would also work great for a .338 bore.
    • .40 Caliber. This size will work for 10mm. This size would work well for cleaning a .375 bore.
    • .45 Caliber. This size will also work for .44, .454 and .460 calibers.
    • .50 Caliber. Along with the .45 Caliber, these work great for cleaning the breech on a 30 caliber rifle.
    First Shot

    RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners. Also pictured is RamRodz new Rifle and Shotgun Adapter. The Rifle and Shotgun Adapter allows a RamRod to attach to a cleaning rod.

    RamRodz Barrel and Breech cleaners are made of low lint industrial grade cotton. Unlike the cotton found on Q-tips, the cotton found on RamRodz is not soft and will not shed lint easily. When you feel the texture of the cotton used on RamRodz’s swabs you see that is very tough. All sizes of RamRodz have the characteristic durable, flexible bamboo handles which, unlike Q-tip handles, hold up well against solvents. Paired up with a RamRodz Rifle and Shotgun Adapter, I use the .38/9mm sized RamRod to clean both my .308 and my 300 WSM rifles. The swab is doused in MPro 7 then pushed through the bore several times. After letting the MPro 7 sit for several minutes, I run a .45 caliber sized swab through my breech to clean carbon and remove excess MPro 7. After that is done I will run a handful of the .38/9mm RamRodz through the barrel to clean carbon and the remaining MPro 7. It is a pleasure not to deal with patches. Cleaning the barrels on my rifles is very quick and requires little time. Because RamRodz Barrel and Breech cleaners feature a bamboo handle, the handle can also be used to scrape carbon off the bolt face and around the lugs if present.

    RamRodz is now offering their Range Kit for Pistols. The Range Kit is a durable plastic container that includes 680 assorted RamRodz. The RamRodz are organized by their size, and the container has an external Caliber Gauge chart to help an end user organize their RamRodz.

    With the Range Kit, users are provided the following:

    • 100 .22/.223/5.56 RamRodz
    • 60 9mm/.38/.357/.380 RamRodz
    • 50 .40/10mm RamRodz
    • 40 .44/.45 RamRodz
    • 30 .50 Caliber RamRodz
    • 400 .22 caliber sized mini RamRodz
    Pistol Kit

    RamRodz Range Kit for Pistols. It works well for rifles also.

    I really like the Range Kit for Pistols. I find the name misleading…this kit is not specific to pistols. By removing the RamRodz you don’t need, you can load up the free slots with items one might need at the range such as ear plugs, accessories, tools, oil and spare parts. I found the plastic container to be very durable and I liked the size/gauge chart. As RamRodz are consumed, packages of individual RamRodz can be purchased and used to refill the Range Kit. The Range Kit for Pistols costs a very reasonable $34.95.

    size chart

    The Range Kit for Pistols comes in a durable plastic container. The container features a helpful sizing chart.

    Range Kit

    Not using a specific RamRod? Clear the slot out and add common range tools and accessories.

    Besides the range Kit, RamRodz now offers their Rifle and Shotgun Adapters. These adapters interface between a RamRod and a cleaning rod. The adapters mate with an 8/32” thread. By using a RamRod and the Rifle and Shotgun Adapter, an end user can clean a rifle bore very quickly. As previously mentioned I use the .38 caliber sized RamRod to clean my .30 caliber rifles. A pack of adapters retails for $5.95.

    RamRod adapter

    RamRodz Rifle and Shotgun Adapter. I used the adapter to mate a cut-down .223/5.56 RamRod and my cleaning rod. This is a very quick way to clean a bore.

    Adapter and MPro

    Using a Rifle and Shotgun Adapter, 30 Caliber RamRod, and M-Pro 7 to clean carbon out of my Remington 700.

    Remy 700 and RamRodz

    .30 Caliber RamRod serving as a dry patch.


    In the latter part of 2014, RamRodz launched their Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch Files. The Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch files resemble tweezers, come in 3 sizes, and feature a diamond coated tip for increased friction when grabbing on to small items and for micro-filing.

    Key Features of the Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch Files include:

    • Surgical Stainless steel construction
    • Pivoting design. This feature allows the Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch file to be used as a tweezer or as a micro file.
    • Diamond coated tips for micro-filing or as an enhanced grip surface.
    • The Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch Files come in 3 sizes: 2mm, 3mm and 5mm.


    Micro file Tweezers

    RamRodz Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch Files.

    Micro File

    The Pivoting Pinch Files pivot… This allows the tip of the file to be used as a micro file. The filing capability is greatly enhanced by the diamond coating.

    At present, I am building a new Ar-15 that I will use for training and testing (The rifle will feature new products that have recently hit the market and will be tested extensively for the rest of my 2015 writing/testing cycle). I will use the Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch File to install the front take down pin on my training/testing rifle build. I recently helped a good friend of mine with his Ar-15 lower build, and we used the Pinch File to hold the detent in place while we secured the front pivot pin. The Pinch File made the job extremely easy and the diamond coating allowed us to grip the detent securely. Please note that the diamond coating on this product can easily scratch the finish on your firearm.

    BRS upload

    RamRodz Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch Files, Billet Rifle Systems lower receiver. Ar-15 pivot pin, detent, and spring.

    BRS upload 2

    The Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch File can be used to secure the pivot pin detent for an Ar-15 lower receiver build. I recently used the 2mm Diamond Grip Pivoting Pinch File to assist a friend with his build. The Pinch File worked very well. (Please note the picture is a simulation. The pivot spring would be inside the receiver, putting pressure on the detent which holds the pivot pin.)

    Fun with Stickers

    The Range Kit for Pistols features a very durable, heavy-duty box. This box is a perfect surface for all those cool stickers you get when you buy firearms and firearms accessories.


    Final Thoughts

    One year ago I wrote that, “RamRodz gun swabs are a no-nonsense product that work extremely well.” After getting a chance to test their new offerings, as well as spending a year with their old products, I stand by my original statement. Aside from cleaning firearms, I use RamRodz to detail the inside of my car, clean my STIHL chainsaw, my laptop computer, and various other electronics. I am anxious to see what products RamRodz will bring to market in the future.

    Thank you RamRodz for providing The Firearm Blog with a test sample. As always, tips, questions, gripes and humor are welcome in the comments below.

    Thomas Gomez

    Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at [email protected]