DIY 10/22 Takedown

    Huntertown Arms is making a 10/22 Takedown kit. It will allow the user to convert his or her standard 10/22 and convert it into a takedown model.  Huntertown Arms is collaborating with Choate Machine and Tool to use their 10/22 stocks. They will be converted for Huntertown Arms’ take down kit. They are also including a take down bag to store you modified takedown. The best part? The whole kit will retail for $99.

    The takedown conversion is simple. You remove the V Block on the 10/22 and replace it with their module. And you screw on their stock and block assembly onto the barrel. The release mechanism is a single button. You push the button and pull the barrel off the receiver. A much simpler method over the factory 10/22 Takedown. In the photo above, you can see the button protrudes past the foregrip, so they will machine the button flush which you can see below.

    The 10/22 with the Burris Fast Fire has had over 6k rounds shot thru it at 5 rd increments. They would shoot 5 rounds, remove the barrel, re-attach the barrel and shoot another string of 5 rounds. Not once did they lose zero.

    Huntertown Arms will offer their kit with 4 different stock options. The $99 option is with a fixed stock. The prices will increase with other stock options like the folding stock, dragunov style and a M4 collapsible stock all from Choate Machine and Tool. The kits will be released in a couple months. The pictures below are of the prototypes. They are a little rough. These are not representative of the final product.

    DSC_0151 DSC_0154


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