Luger With a 20″ Barrel

    Remember in the original Batman movie from 1989 when the Joker shoots down the Batwing with his super long barreled revolver? This Luger is just as ridiculous. A Redditor posted about their unique find recently, check out the rest of the pics here. I wonder how it shoots, and do they make a Sig brace adapter for them yet?

    In case you haven’t seen our video on why the Luger rocks, check it out here. I want to add one to my collection one day.


    From the Reddit post:

    Yesterday someone posted an ad to a local gun selling website for a ‘project luger’, he was a little bit out there in the country but the one picture he took looked interesting, mainly because of the ludicrously long barrel.

    Drove out, picked it up with 3 extra magazines for a decent price, I’m quite happy with it actually.

    It’s a mixed-parts gun, most numbers don’t match and it has a nice, old, grey patina to most of the parts. Even with that, everything seems nice and smooth and the springs feel good and strong. Has a nice snap to the action.

    As far as I can tell, it’s a military frame, DWM toggle. Has no ‘Made in Germany’ markings on it and the safety is in German, which leads me to believe it’s mostly military parts not made for export.

    The barrel is definitely not original, the only markings on it is ‘made in Italy’ in small letters at the base. The barrel is in pretty good shape actually, some surface rust on the outside but the bore is bright, crisp and free of rust or pits. I think he said it was new when he bought it.

    I can’t find ANY barrels this length, even Artillery lugers don’t have a barrel this long. No idea who made it, and I kinda want to know if there’s even a market for a ~20 inch barrel. It’s a little silly.

    Sadly, the barrel doesn’t line up exactly right so I can’t shoot the gun, my plan is just to find a normal 4-inch barrel and have that installed professionally, then it’ll be a range toy. I always wanted a luger, this satisfies the urge well.

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