SCCY CPX-3 .380acp

    Yesterday I got to go on a SCCY Industries factory tour. CEO and founder Joe Roebuck showed us his facility and broke the news that they are working on a new pistol in .380acp.The gun is still in the prototype/pre-production phase so I don’t have any pictures of it yet. They estimate a release date around this summer 2015.  Capacity will be the same as the CPX-1 and CPX-2, 10+1 rds. We did get to see a slide and barrel and compared it to the 9mm slide. The barrel is not that much shorter. We estimated about 0.4 inches shorter compared to the 9mm barrel. The slide is a bit shorter but I do not recall by how much. There was talk about the grip being a smidgen smaller. Ideas of possibly reducing the back and front straps. We shall see what they come out with very soon. Oh and the price will be the same as the CPX-1 and CPX-2.

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