MSM New Velcro Wrap Holster

    Kit Up! posted that Milspec Monkey has a new customizable velcro holster for off body carry. Typically you would use this inside a bag that has a loop velcro lining. MSM says that unlike typical velcro holsters, this one works with tall suppressor sights and won’t snag on the draw.

    After using many velcro backed holsters that always seemed to snag on the front sight during a draw, we came up with this one to offer clean draws even on full-sized pistols with suppressor sights and or tac-lights

    msm-wrap-holster-002 msm-wrap-holster-007


    The holster is made out of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP and are made by Tactical Tailor. They retail for $12.

    Nicholas C

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