.30 Cal Muzzle Rise Eliminator by Witt Machine

    After a soft debut at SHOTShow 2015, Witt Machine has produced the “.30 Cal Muzzle Rise Eliminator” which purports do to exactly what it is called, eliminate muzzle rise from .30 caliber weapons. The brakes feature a nifty profile with  the usual ported chambers and an optimally opened “swiss cheese” top where the ports follow the gas’ path within the chambers.

    Our New Muzzle Brake for the AR 10 style rifle has been independently tested to essentially eliminate muzzle rise for follow up shots. This brake WILL keep the barrel down during repeated firing. These are made from 416 stainless bar stock and Cerakote coating is available.

    Video of it in action below:


    The brake can be purchased directly from Witt Machine for a base price of $89.99. They are custom machined to order. As an added feature, they can be ordered in at least three cerakote colors.

    Nathan S

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