New Game Camera Monopod From Stealth Cam

    For those among us who hunt – myself included – the new game camera accessory from Stealth Cam just might give us a leg up tracking game in the coming seasons. Game cameras are an important part of a successful hunt, not only giving you the ability to track the whereabouts and habits of game but also allowing for glimpses of what’s out there – that 12-point buck you’d just love to harvest – and letting you know just what’s on your property. One problem cropping up now and then is the issue of where to put your game cam, because when there’s no good spot to mount it, you may find yourself unable to position your cameras in ideal locations. Enter Stealth Cam’s Cam Stick, the monopod that enables you to place your game cam wherever you want regardless of terrain.

    From Stealth Cam:

    Stealth Cam, introduced in the year 2000, quickly became the leader in scouting camera innovation introduces a new accessory for game cameras, the Cam Stick. This limitless game camera monopod will allow a game camera to be placed anywhere, regardless of landscape.

    The Cam Stick is designed to mount trail cameras in treeless terrain. The game camera Is stabilized with a standard ¼”-20 tripod mount which allows 360 degree horizontal rotation and 270 degree vertical tilt adjustment. The Cam Sick is made with durable heavy gauge steel to handle any type of weather and terrain. Compact in design, this two-piece accessory is equipped with a strap for easy transportation. The footstep ground stake is another key feature that allows for ground penetration, even in the hardest of areas. This Cam Stick won’t disappoint, with its go anywhere, be anywhere capabilities. To learn more about the Cam Stick, visit


    Ideal for mounting trail cameras in treeless terrain up to 34″ high
    ¼”-20 Standard Tripod Mount
    360° Horizontal rotation
    270° Vertical tilt adjustment
    Compact two piece design with strap for easy transport
    Durable heavy gauge steel post
    Footstep ground stake
    Sturdy construction for strong weather elements.
    MSRP: $24.99

    Founded in 2000, Stealth Cam, LLC offers a variety of digital scouting/surveillance and specialty cameras, along with a variety of accessories to enhance output of these products. For more information, contact Stealth Cam at 877-269-8490 or [email protected]. Stealth Cam is a division of GSM Outdoors. Learn more about their brands at

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