Beretta Unveils the GunPod2

    Beretta has added an interesting update to the GunPod.  Version 2 is now Bluetooth enabled which allows it to pair with a smart device of your choice (and replaces the limited digital read out on the original).  It appears that it also adds some additional features via the app to allow for the creation of a digital hunting/shooting log.

    The software allows for you to set an emergency contact hot button (and will quickly show you your coordinates)–though I don’t think this has quite the utility of a panic button device like the DeLorme InReach or SPOT (or any of the true Personal Locator Beacons).

    Your first digital hunting diary, intuitive and easy to use. Stop wondering how many rounds you shot last month or how many miles you walked with your dog: GunPod 2 will hold these statistics for you!
    The highlights of your hunting sessions, along with photos and videos, finally collected in a handy digital archive.

    In any case it does give you the ability to save some notes, data and pictures about your current hunt.  Now if they could only make it so it fits in a MagPul Grip…




    You can find out more information at:

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